Hi All!

My name is Chris and I can see a future of a big demand on Health Care products. I would love to giva a chance to everyone to take a part of this huge opportunity. I don’t want to write too much just yet but as you can see right now there is a huge demand for face mask all over the word and mainly in EU. But the other surgical products are missing from Health Care systems in all Country so guy let’s form together a big Company and get advantage from power of all of us!

If we will form the biggest EU Company together who can and will produce these missing health care products even after this Virus Crisis we will be able to get incomes from our Company!

So the plan is in nutshell:

Form a Company and get production lines for surgical face masks and shoe covers, surgical hats, etc.

My starting idea with face masks only is to be able to produce at least 100.000 pcs an 8 hours shift. This means one production line which is not the biggest deal but a good starting point. The bigger the capacity of our Company the bigger the compatitive price we can reach which means we will have orders again and again and again. This means profit for all of us.

So I think better idea to start at least 3 production line sas the all Countries are in needs with surgical face masks.

Plan A:

Get the followings:

3 surgical face mask production lines

1 surgical hat production line

1 surgical shoe cover production line

With this setup we are going to produce at least 1 MILLION surgical face masks a day. (3 shifts per day

I am talking about Hungarian prices now. (I know guys what u think now about Hungary and believe me I don't like to be here too! The government is making bad decisions and these ones are too late anyway…But I am open minded and business minded too with a lot of passions to help other ones are in needs.)

So right now one piece of surgical face mask cost around US$ 1.25

If we will produce with the above lines our cost of production would be around US$ 0.08

Selling price would be around US$ 0.25

This means even we will get profit on them and we will get rewards for our effort we will be able to get US$0.17 profit on each masks which means US$ 170.000 profit on each days!

This virus crisis will be with us more than 2-3 months in the future so we will act immediately and set up if we want to take advantage and set u pour Company for much longer run. Even after the crisis when the raw material costs going back to normal prices! Unfortunately right now the raw material prices are in the sky but even with this prices we can produce masks on much cheaper prices then the governments spend on…don't let them steal your money and spend i ton rubbish quality and evena lot of places don't have protection to deal with virus! HELP THEM!

So the total equity we need is around US$ 500.000

I know that it is a lot of money even in this cure situation BUT if we take the action and don't let the leaders to be even more late and spend a lot of our money for rubbish and their cars, accommodations, tickets instead of getting right equipments for our health carrers whose are hard workers!

GUYS we need every one!

We will set u pour company in that Country which will get the most of the votes. Does not really matters where is it within the EU! And also we will send the equipments for those Countries where is the biggest needs. The sending procedure will be in order. So I think right now Spain is in the biggest needs and Italy following Spain and so on so on…

Get the real EU people (this is you all guys whose working) and take action immediately!

You will see me if you are interested in this. I am a real person, you will receive my ID and all of my personal details…

I think one person should NOT invest more than EUR 100 on this project. So this means your hard earn money is no ton the real risk! But if you want to put in more is up to you. I own my flat and I will risk i ton this project. I will put around EUR 70.000 in to this but I am not enough alone and I think there are a lot of people like me who wants to help and want to get social security right now and beyond this crisis too!


Please email me if you are interested. Unfortunately I do not speak all EU language, even my English is no ton the highest level so please write me with everyday English / My partner can speak Czech and Slovak. Otherwise I will use Google translator to translate your email.

Thank you and hope we will build the biggest EU production line step by step and will help our Health Care System to do its best!

If you are interested in, please do not hesitate to contact me. Even we can have a face to face interview to make sure you will know me.

Email me on: company \at/ balazsk (dot} hu